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Customers For Life Course

by: Dr. Dan Giuglianotti & Nic Peterson

The Customers For Life Course and book are dedicated to helping you improve your agency or small business. In this course, Dan and Nic take you over the strategies and techniques that have helped them turn their businesses into multi million dollar companies.

Bumpers Book

by: Nic Peterson

Bumpers is a battle-tested blueprint to building the life of your dreams and living on YOUR terms If you’re a “high performer” yet still feel like you’re not getting enough done or enjoying the “grind,” this book is for you. This book is NOT for people who only like theory without application.

Bumpers Accelerator


by: Nic Peterson
A complimentary product to the Bumpers Book. It contains video  breakdown of the primary concepts found in Bumpers Book. It also has Simple tips and resources to accelerate your ability to learn, understand and apply new concepts rapidly.

Goal Achievement Roadmap™



by: Dr. Jeff Spencer
Taught by an Olympian and world recognized expert on achievement. The Goal Achievement Road map will help you achieve goals you previously felt were unattainable using a systematized method proven through decades of coaching excellence.

The Velocity Method™

by: Dr. Dan Giuglianotti
The Velocity Method is a proven and tested online implementation program that teaches you exactly how to scale your business while becoming more profitable, more productive and more predictable.

Stealth Marketing: Content Mastery​


by: Nic Peterson
Learn how to market using content that moves your audience to take the action you want.  This is not your standard marketing course, and contains tools used by some of the best marketers  in the world. 





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Dr. Jeff Spencer

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For the past 40 years, I’ve helped athletes win gold medals, business owners make millions and thought leaders move to the next level. What do YOU want to achieve?