This is NOT a NY Times Bestseller, But It DOES Reveal:

“The Dead-Simple Framework Used By Mega-Wealthy CEOs To Win Back Their Lives, Generate More Profit, & Finally Reach Their Biggest Goals In Record Time”​

What you’re about to discover has nothing to do with sales or marketing. But it will give you more profit and free time than any “advertising trick” ever could.

This is the exact framework a few elite CEOs apply in their lives to reach ridiculous levels of productivity without working more.

For only $7 measly bucks, you can finally design your life for maximum wealth and joy — or I’ll give you double your money back.

“In business and in life, Nic is one of the best men I know. He has stood with me through my successes and near death. I can’t speak highly enough for Nic.”
John Rowley
Best selling author, fitness & lifestyle master.

John sits on the board of Clickbank where they have “John Rowley Day” every year.
“Nic understands how to play the long game. Work with him if you want to consistently win. Don’t if you just want a quick win and then burn out.”
Dan Nicholson
Nth Degree CPAs

Dan founded and operates a Top Ten Well Run Accounting Firm In The US
“Nic keeps things simple and uses common sense to hone-in on the fastest, most direct path to achieving your goals while trying to strategically avoid friction and stress. We need more people like Nic in the world.”​
Timothy Dick

Tim is the Founder and CEO of VOIPO and ProfitLayer. 3-time Inc 5000 CEO.
“This is not a typical 30, 60, 90 day or even a one-year methodology, but rather, a guide for living my life, for the rest of my life. There is no "Ra Ra" motivation here, but this is a masterpiece of guidance that will lead to a life well-lived... with abundant health, wealth and above all happiness and clarity.”
Jeff Moore
President of International Pacific Seafoods

Jeff is THE Thought Leader in his industry with clients like Cheesecake Factory and California Pizza Kitchen
“It is an inspiring work that shows the fundamental actions that enable exponential productivity and, better yet, can have fun doing it. I finished Bumpers in one short sitting. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”
Dr. Jeff Spencer
Creator of the Champion’s Blueprint

Recognized as one the leading sport chiropractors in the world, 9 years Tour de France chiropractor and mindset coach. 45 olympic, world, Tour de France and national champion, 9 olympic golds.

Ever Look At Successful People And Ask Yourself
“How Do They Make It Look So Easy?!”

Bumpers. That’s how.

This one little framework will make you happier than you are now, wealthier than you are now, and a whole lot more productive than you are now.

In fact, this is the exact OPPOSITE of what you’ll find in a free webinar or some internet marketing guru’s $997 course.

Bumpers is NOT about slingin’ ads or marketing funnels.

Bumpers is NOT about mindset or “rah rah” motivation.

And Bumpers is NOT about weird “biohack” tricks to give you 1% more energy each day…


Bumpers is a brand-new, completely UNHEARD strategy for winning back your life while realizing your goals faster than you ever imagined.

This strategy is currently being used by 8-figure CEOs, Fortune 5000 entrepreneurs, and even hundreds of average business owners across multiple industries.

Yes, this works for anybody regardless of their age, skill level, experience, or whether you’ve “tried everything” and nothing seems to work.

I can promise you haven’t tried this before — or you get double your money back.

You won’t find 200 pages of fluff. This book is only 44 pages long.

You can devour it in a single sitting, apply the principles before you go to bed tonight, and wake up tomorrow with an entirely new way to achieve your goals.

But first, a disclaimer…

Bumpers Are NOT Designed To Make You As Rich Or Happy As Your Friends Pretend To Be On Social Media

If you’re looking to “one up” your network on social media, or if you’re trying to be as rich as your neighbor…

Then I suggest you do not buy this book. Bumpers will not help you be better than anybody else or “acquire more” than they have.

Bumpers is designed to help you reach YOUR goals, no one else’s.

This is not a popular methodology, which is why it’s not a NY Times bestseller.

You won’t find your peers talking about this anytime soon. It will never become the “latest trend” talked about by the masses. Bumpers will not go viral on social media.


This framework is quietly being used by people who have achieved top 5% levels of fame, fortune, and freedom. You’ll never hear them talk about it because they’re too busy generating profits and enjoying their lives.

Today, you can get access to the same framework they’ve been using all along.

Without a doubt, this will create more personal abundance for yourself than anything else you’ve tried. You can get started for just $7 today.

Brian Comstock

This Blows Any Time Management or Productivity Book Out the Water

Nic doesn't waste a single word to teach you exactly how to upgrade your life and productivity in a way no one else is talking about on podcasts, other self-help/productivity books, etc.

Simple and highly practical. I found the exercise on looking at the rolling average to really help with a lot of stress and guilt I've experienced as someone always looking to achieve and better myself.


Simple. To the point. Finally a way to get the important things done.

For years I've tried to implement a “morning routine” into my life… Somehow all the “magic” this and “perfect” that systems never worked for me.

Now I know why. And not only do I now have a “morning routine” that works for me but a simple little plan for each day, for the entire day… And it works for me without having to even think about it.

And I read the book twice, two weeks apart… Literally took 20 minutes to read.

Richard De La Rosa

Nic Peterson is the real deal

After following Nic online for over a year I was stoked to find out that he had released a new book. Nic is a brilliant business mind with a proven track record of success, and I really appreciate his insights and “matter of fact” approach to business. I think this book could help anyone from beginner entrepreneurs to well established business professionals – and I've been sending it to all my “business buddies” as a gift. They've enjoyed and appreciated it as much as I have. Highly recommended.

Kim Andre Langholz

Simple book, simple concepts – Yet so powerful

Bumpers is a thin, simple and quick book to read. Yet, the content of the book could be some of the most actionable and valuable content I've yet to consume. Concepts like ‘The Rolling Average' and the ‘Bumpers' way of thinking could change ones life path entirely. Now I just need to close ‘The gap' and put this knowledge into fruition. Thanks Nic!



Goes Straight to The Point.

I've read a ton of business and self-help type books in the past. I stopped reading them as often in the last couple of years. Mainly due to most of them having a large preamble to get you to “buy into the idea”. I've never understood this. I'm interested in the topic enough to buy the book. You really don't need to convince me. Just give me the information. This book is short and cuts straight to the core concepts. You can read it in less than an hour and you won't get the extra 200 pages of fluff. Simple and to the point. Definitely recommended.

Marisa Farella


This book is everything I didn’t know I needed to hear. It is a genius and unique blend of self and business. Nic’s voice metaphorically becomes that of a best friend or mentor bringing you a wake up call to step away from self restricting factors… opening yourself up to maximum productivity and success. This book is my new business bible. Thank you, Nic!


Sam Ocean

My life stopped feeling so hard after Bumpers

Ever feel like you're doing everything “right,” but for some reason you feel miserable and don't know why? Reading bumpers helped me finally realize why I was feeling miserable. It was that wake-up call that actually showed me HOW to create joy and fulfillment out of the things I was doing… I used to get gut-wrenching anxiety when I made big life decisions because I always questioned if I was making the right choices. But after applying Bumpers in my life, i feel confident and SURE about my decisions and everything that used to stress me out just doesn't anymore.

Manuj Aggarwal

The missing manual for humans

Have you heard the phrase – I wish humans came with an instruction manual?

Well, evolution may take some time. In the meantime, read this book, and it will help you design your life. It will help you get what you REALLY want out of life. It will provide you the foundational framework that is needed to attain ultimate clarity about how to ensure you nurture the most important aspects of your life and business.

Seth Pennington

You can live your life by this book

One of the few books that actually provide you with a framework to win in life and business


Finally, business advice that isn't cookie cutter!

Success means something different for every person, and this book will give you clarity on not just creating solid business foundations, but how to make it work with YOUR life!! Recommend to any business owner or anyone interested in becoming one.

What’s Inside Bumpers And What It Might Mean For Your Business…

  • How to get yourself to easily take action … every single day… without stress, worry, or burnout. Page 7.
  • The #1 most liberating strategy any high-performing human can do for themselves if they want to finally enjoy their life. Page 13.
  • How Bumpers helped me grow a lifestyle business to $100,000/mo in under 7 months while taking 2-hour naps in the middle of the day. Every day. Page 25.
  • How being “intellectually blind” is holding people back from achieving their dreams. Page 6.
  • Most people are biologically addicted to failing. Here’s how to break free forever. Page 10. Plus, you’ll also see…

The TRUTH About Why People Hustle 24/7 But End Up With Less Money, Less Joy, & Further Away From Their Goals

  • Why we don’t do the things we KNOW we should be doing (knowing this is the key to staying on track and creating much more money for yourself). Page 4.
  • How to actually create your Perfect Day so it makes your life easier instead of harder (this is NOT your typical woo-woo self-help practice). Page 16.
  • The one true way to eliminate guilt and shame from dragging you down and killing the happiness from your life. Page 35.
  • How to make one decision that makes one thousand future decisions for you — this is the secret used by the most effective CEOs today. Page 17.
  • Bonus: Get your free step-by-step guide for getting your schedule together and prioritizing things that matter.

Yes, all of this is packed inside a little 44-page book.

Apply even just ONE of these strategies in your life and you’ll notice how your days feel easier, brighter, and much more enjoyable.

You can grab your copy for just $7 right now.

You're Getting Three Special Bonuses Asbolutely Free

Bumpers can help you win back your life and be exponentially more productive.

You don’t even need to change your business strategy, life strategy, or follow some weird “self-help” program that doesn’t work. I’m even willing to guarantee it, that’s how confident I am in this.

But I’m “known” for going the extra mile for my customers and clients. I’d like to go the extra mile for you, too. 

I want to give you three special bonuses for free when you claim your copy of Bumpers today. I’ve coached people on generating millions of dollars, getting back 10 hours a week of free time, and even experiencing true joy after decades of losing it.

They pay me tens of thousands for it, but I want to give you a taste of it completely free as a “gift” for buying this book.


Bumpers Accelerator

Discover how repeat achievers continually “win” by making their own luck every step of the way.

Regardless of the current economy.

This will give you a look into how you can strengthen yourself AND your life so almost nothing can stand in your way.

You’ll get a glimpse into “Inception Behavior Modification” and how to modify your own behavior to always match your plans.


My Personal "Learning System"

I’m no academic… 

But I’ve used very unorthodox strategies to build and scale multiple 7-figure businesses without pad advertising, funnels, and all that hooplah being sold today. It all stems from the system I’ve built to learn faster.

In this bonus, you’ll learn:

  • The #1 most powerful form of consuming content to turn it into action
  • How to know exactly what to “learn” next (without worrying if it’s going to be useful to you or not).
  • The truth about attracting sophisticated, high-ticket buyers on autopilot without using fancy funnels and ads.
 And so much more…    


Becoming A Hyper-Productive Human Without Exerting More Energy Every Day

Bumpers will help you stay on track so you never fall into the gutters.

This bonus will help you accelerate down your track with less energy, time, and stress than you’ve thought possible.

Here, you’ll learn:

  • How I use special checklists to get more done in a day than most people do in a month… without actually working more.
  • The real method for getting better and better every day without exerting more energy to do it.
  • How to become instantly more productive by eliminating this one silent “focus killer.”

And tons more…

How Much Is It Worth To Get Your Life Back?

Let me ask you some questions:

How much would you pay to:

  • Win back 5-10 hours of extra free time every week?
  • Generate more take home profit without working more?
  • Feel energized every morning you spring out of bed?
  • Hear your friends and family brag about how amazing you are?
  • Look in the mirror and love yourself?

This is everything Bumpers can give you, and you can learn it all for just $7 as soon as tonight.


You Either Love This Or Get DOUBLE Your Money Back


After 30 days you’re either THRILLED with:

  • How much joy and productivity this new framework adds to your life.
  • How much new value you receive from me as a brand-new customer.
  • Or even how funny and derpy my two Siberian Huskies act (yes, I’ll show you)…

… or you get DOUBLE your money back.

Plus, I’ll even let you keep the three bonuses for free. Yes, this book does everything I’ve promised on this page and more…

Or you get 2x your money back and you get to keep everything else as a special gift.

That’s how confident I am that you’ll love this. No tricks. No hidden agendas. Nothing up my sleeve.

See for yourself and I guarantee it’s going to be the most life-changing $7 you’ve ever spent.

Here's Everything You're Getting When You Claim Your
Bumpers Book Today

  • The 47- Page Bumpers Book — The new framework to win back your life, generate more profit, and finally reach your biggest goals in record time.
  • SPECIAL GIFT 1: Bumpers Accelerator — Discover how high-acheivers build companies that profit and reach their goals regardless of the current economy. Yours completely free.
  • SPECIAL GIFT 2: My Personal Learning System — Use these same unorthodox strategies I used to break into multiple industires and domains quickly 24/7. Yours completely free.
  • SPECIAL GIFT 3: Becoming a Hyper-Productive Human Without Exerting More Energy — Bumpers will help you stay on track so you never fall into the gutters. This bonus will help you stay on track with less energy, time, and stress than you've thought possible. Yours completely free.
  • Double Money Back Guarantee: Along with getting double your money back, you also get to keep the free special gifts as my way of thanking you for trying this out.
  • … all for just $7.


I’m not an internet marketer. I’m not going to tell you this is “limited time” only or that you must “act now!” or else this will disappear. 

This page will be here tomorrow, and the next day, and the next…

I say this because I want you to focus on what’s truly important:

How much longer are you willing to wait to create the life you actually want?

Even better… how long have you already waited?

Bumpers will get you on the right track, keep you on track, and make achieving your biggest goals feel so much easier.

Go ahead, click the button below and enter your credit card details on the following page. After you submit your payment information, I’ll immediately email over an electronic copy of this book so you can get started right away.

Read it, think about it, then email me and tell me what you think 🙂

Here’s to your best life,

Nic Peterson


When mega successful people have an impossible problem they can’t solve, they call Nic for help.

 Nic is a lifelong student, visionary and entrepreneur. He also loves to take naps every day.

He’s had the privilege of being accused of having multiple overnight successes while giving off the appearance of barely trying and making it look easy.

 From starting and scaling multiple 7-figure businesses, to now owning multiple different businesses and serving over 40+ private clients… Bumpers is the secret that’s allowed Nic to get so much done while enjoying his life too.

What he’s going to share with you is unequivocally the biggest reason he’s been able to live the life he’s created while also helping his innermost network do the same.

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