#0008 – The Gap


This gap is a source of a lot of stress for high performance people, who explore things and learn things and hang out in places like this.

The gap is between what you’ve learned you should be doing vs and what you are actually doing.

This is the gap between what we know and our behaviour.

The problem is you hang out here, you read a lot of books you gain a bunch of information and the amount of stuff you learn that you should be doing increases but your actual behaviour doesn’t increase which means the gap gets wider.

The problem is the gap gets so big it becomes paralyzing, we know we need to eat better, exercise more, show up and market ourselves better, we just haven’t modified our behaviour.

What I implore you to do is to look at this gap, and as you’re learning take the time to implement what you’re learning to keep the gap as little as possible. If the gap gets too wide you become paralyzed.

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