#0007 – Retirement Vs. Adventure


 In this Micro Lesson we’re going to talk about 2 potential ways of looking at the world.

Now there are obviously countless ways you can look at the world, but here we’re talking about 2 opposing ways of looking at your life that drastically change the actions you take.

You can be on the retirement path or the adventure path.

The retirement path looks like a drastic rise in your quality of life over time when you’re young, then levels out over time. 

In the adventure path the quality of life also rises up quickly, but is much more prone to ups and downs.

Ultimately a life of adventure opens up the possibilities for an amazing life.  Both paths have their perks. One is more common. One of those is more likely to make you happy (depending on your goals of course).

The key is to know which one you are on, so you can see the map of what is coming and adjust accordingly.

So the question is are you playing it safe? Following the rules on a steady climb towards retirement? Or are you on an exciting adventure, an amazing joyride with all the ups and downs that life brings.

As life unfolds beautifully , the adventurer knows that every downturn, every difficult time contains the seeds for the next level of growth.

Live an adventure, or work towards retirement? The choice is yours. Just make sure you know which path you’re on. 

Remember, as we wrap up each micro lesson we always want to ask ourselves:

How can I use this to become a better version of myself? 

How could I apply this to other domains or areas of my life?

If you like this micro lesson, then take some time and explore some of the related lessons, and we’ll see you in the next one…

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